The Pathway To Ascendancy.

Almost since the Beginning of Time, humankind has sought fulfillment through a myriad of practices and behaviors that have all proven to be less than substantial. Each generation, feeling an absence of real abiding LOVE within their realm of existence, has sought to remedy this lacking emptiness... NOW, as a result of ALL this experience, HUMANKIND FINALLY STANDS AT THE THRESHOLD OF COMPLETE RECOVERY OF CONSCIOUS LOVE/LIFE!

We've had enough of halfway measures, such as spiritual  thought that only offers a clue, political and social structures that can but never will hand the people back to their Hearts, personal relationships that leave us empty and frustrated, and so on and so forth throughout all the dynamics of Human expression. Yet, each of these experiences, for whatever they've lacked, have also contributed greatly to the openings of NOW. Each has an element of "what we're looking for," even if it could not provide a totality of fulfillment. Each has represented a step along the way, and an indication of just what IS possible through Human expression. As such, NONE are to be discounted, no matter how vile or even "perfect" they became... Without that generational experience, we would not be standing on the threshold of fulfillment today.

The progress of the Human Consciousness BACK to its Beginning Point (fully conscious happiness!) has been a relatively slow one, each step taking many generation to filter through, finally finding and applying, through a process of natural (usually subconscious) selection, the Little Gems of Truth contained within that step's application. Eons of Time have passed as we slowly trudged through the mire of severely limited experience and expression, that feeling of lacking driving us on eternally... Yet now, as the dawn of a new century approaches, we are already rapidly accelerating into the STATES OF COMPLETE FULFILLMENT!... What used to take centuries to accomplish now only takes minutes... Those that are ready are finding amazing results through personal search of the SELF, while those who choose to remain in a dynamic of FEAR feel overwhelmed by the state of consciousness around them.

All of this present experience is leading to a rather immediate point of CLEAR DEFINITION, wherein each soul, each life that calls itself Human, makes its FINAL STAND, either declaring itself ready to renew itself in FULL CONSCIOUSNESS or to remain in the darkness of fear for yet a little while... Sadly but perfectly, those who choose to remain in this state of fear WILL SOON DEPART THE MOTHER EARTH to participate in a soul expansion of a differing sort in yet another expression of Experiential Reality, one much milder than this... Those that are ready to remain shall find the complete fulfillment in Love/Life that has escaped so many previous generations... And as this current change progresses, the Mother Earth Herself, complete with All Life here, returns to the natural state of Peaceful Wonderment, becoming the resting and expansion place for the Completely Fulfilled Heart!
That magical place often called SHAMBALA, The State Of Peace.

Our myths and legends, as well as prophecies and so forth, have long since predicted this age... so much so that, in fact, most people have become somewhat numb to the suggestions contained in these predictions, thinking that perhaps in another thousand generations, if we don't all kill ourselves first, this State of Peace will finally be achieved... This type of thinking is a complete denial of TRUTH WITHIN OURSELVES, the very thing that all these predictions and prophecies are designed to reverse!

So Now, since October 13, 1999, we enter the very brief AGE OF TRUTH, wherein our INNER KNOWING grows so consciously strong that we can no longer deny it!

That which is known as "intuition," "gut feelings" and so forth becomes so strongly powerful in our conscious process of awakening that we can then make a very clear choice as to whether we will accept it, or continue to live in our lacking and somewhat empty world of illusion (pain and suffering, fueled by a dry and heartless intellect)... And EVERY HUMAN BEING is experiencing this now, each at their own level and speed, which is why there is an allowance made for Time. Ultimately, within the span of a few short months, each and every Human Being will have come to this point of CONCLUSIVE CHOICE, each defining then the next steps for themselves.


It's time now for each of us, as individual Human Beings, to step away from our lonely conjectures and illusions of isolation. We are ALL part of a WHOLE CONSCIOUSNESS, each of us representing a part of its personality, an experiential dynamic of its expressive Self. As such, NO ONE STANDS ALONE... Our Inner Knowing is our connection, our point of reference from which we express and expand upon this SINGULAR CONSCIOUSNESS.

 As Truth becomes that much more profoundly awakened within us, we begin to experience this effect by allowing and opening ourselves to the experience of All Life... We will be walking down a path, and suddenly, we will KNOW (experience) how that tree feels... We will encounter wildlife, and suddenly hear those being "speaking" within our Hearts... We will look into the sky, and suddenly become aware of all the Life that's in it, perhaps even experiencing the fulfillment of our desire to fly again... We will look into the eyes of tiny children, and see the profound wisdom of the ages looking back at us, and understand what that means... We will gaze into a single drop of water and see the expansiveness of the entire Universe within it... And All Life shall reach out to surround us with its Loving Goodness, its happiness at being ALIVE!

These truly are the states we have always lived in, yet only experienced momentary glimpses of, for a long, long time. Now these momentary glimpses expand into an entirely new experience in Living, becoming all of our moments combined...

To acquire such states, a Human need only be alive and WILLING to allow this conscious expansion... meaning that we must be willing to look beyond the so-called "normal" states of being. THAT IS ALL IT TAKES TO ACQUIRE PEACEFUL FULFILLMENT... a simple willingness to be led by your INNER KNOWING!

 PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.  We as people tend to look in every direction BUT the Inner in our search for fulfillment. Counselors, teachers, gurus, lovers, preachers and politicians come into being as a result of this outer search...

Yet, each of these can only point to the Inner, even though they may intend otherwise, at times... Each can only help awaken you to what you already know, way down deep in the recesses of your Heart Consciousness. Each can only throw you back into your Inner Self, often saying without word, "Look to that which you already know... Test everything I say and do against what you already know... Does it fit?... Do my practices and prattling bring you closer or further from your goal of fulfillment?... Is there anything here that you can use as a tool toward your own awakening, or are my distractions taking you sufficiently from this awakening to deepen your desire to awaken?..." and so on and so forth.

 Each of us already knows that we are indeed here to help each other, no matter how far our personal paths seem to have taken us from this. We can be completely wrapped up in what appears as greedy selfishness, cut off and insulated from the bulk of Humanity, and still we are affected by the actions of other... The more we isolate ourselves, the more we see how isolated we aren't. One can go to the ends of the Earth, crawl into an icy dungeon there, and still not be able to move away from their very own feelings, which are indeed a reflection of The Consciousness of All...

A hermit is, at the very least, surrounded by the memories of what they're running from, and therefore not isolated at all...

We MIGHT AS WELL FACE IT NOW: We ARE in this game of Life for each other, like it or not! That's why we can never truly isolate ourselves. Look at the world around you... Do not the insects and animals and plant life all work together to provide the means of sustenance for the whole? Are not cycles and seasons simply a means by which one generation of Life gives to another?... Then why is it that we as Humans have so sought to remove ourselves from the very existence of such complementary living? Are we really that much different from the goats, horses, cattle, ants and termites?... Or are we indeed reflective on them in many ways, and meant to live out our existence and experience of Life in Similar ways?

This is what mating's all about, and why, at the root of every Human Being, there is a deep desire to reconnect with at least one person in a way that's profound, deeply moving, and quite complimentary to each other.... Nearly all our songs, music and poetry, literature and so forth points in this direction,
holding up an ideal that says that Love between at least two beings can and will end "happily ever after..."

In the past, we've barely been able to grasp a glimpse of the romantic ideal held up by our own musical and literary efforts... Yes, some people do meet and stay together for a lifetime, but "happily ever after?"... Not hardly! Yet, the legends and myth persist, boldly declaring "It can be done, it has been done, and it CAN happen for you, if you but allow the Magic of your Life to spring forth mightily," etc., etc.

 This is because there is TRUTH to all these legends and myths. At the root of each, the same as at the root of every Human, is the awareness that this is NOT an impossible dream. All of our lustful meanderings, all of our philosophical ventures, each confirm this possible resonance between us... All of us know that there can be Magic in Life, most especially between two humans... And if there can be Magic there, why then it IS possible for entire groups and nations to live together peacefully, putting away our endless quibbling and quarrels.

If we didn't honestly believe this somewhere in the deep recesses of our Consciousness, none of us would be alive today, for there would be no reason to live... It is this HOPE for fulfillment that has driven us on through the generations, teaching us more of our lack, which amplifies our hope... It IS the dream that drives us ever onward.

It is also the unfulfilled hope that drives us into frustration, depression, aggravation and war... If we can't have Love, if we can't meet one another with mutual respect and be respected for that, then by God we'll blow the whole shitterie apart... or so the thinking goes... As this AGE OF TRUTH progresses, we are finding ourselves more and more in tune with one another...

Each of us is becoming increasingly aware of the feelings of others around us, and while those feelings may not always be pleasant, we are at least becoming conscious of how much we affect others, and of how much they affect us. In this way, by acknowledging the interconnectedness of all, we begin then to see how easily we can and ARE recreating the world we live in, and the lives we live... Out of this comes the awakening to your own natural gifts and powers, given you by your own Heart Consciousness, which are meant to be shared with All Who Live! Some Humans already know and acknowledge many of their individual gifts, and are offering them to their brother and sister Humans in a variety of ways in order to help awaken us to the natural flow of Life.

Many others, barely awakening to their gifts, still manage to share them as usefully as possible, especially as they overcome an innate shyness that tells them they can't possibly be so Self-empowered (conditioned sense of low self worth). Everyone, even those who create a miracle a moment (so to speak), must ease themselves into this magnificent expression of Self as gently as possible, for the illusions of Human weakness and frailty that we've lived under  for so long still have a certain amount of  influence... And some are even brave enough to attempt to find full expression of Self in a Loving relationship with another!

As A Collective of Beings, Humans are deeply affecting (recreating) all of the Life around us. We are much more than mere scientists and observers and seekers of truth. WE, AS A COLLECTIVE OF BEINGS, ARE THE ESSENCE OF CREATION, its experiential masters.

 Now, that may be a lot to swallow in one gulp, so take a deep breath, then gulp again... All that surrounds us indicates this truth, and you can and WILL see this  for your Self as you open to it, allowing your consciousness to grow and expand... Through the ages of Time, we have tried again and again to "prove" this to ourselves by attempting to "master" the world around us, enslaving animals, plants, minerals and energies in the most superficial of ways, again barely glimpsing our True Potential, not realizing that we didn't need this "proof" at all. Now, as we enter this AGE OF TRUTH (the end of Self denial), we witness the power of TRANSFORMING THOUGHT, powered by Our Loving Heart.

That's what these Human powerhouses, often called gifted practitioners, are here to demonstrate to us, AS EXAMPLES of what is... Can you imagine the magic, The power of collecting a few of these gifted beings into one place for the purpose of offering their gifts to the masses? Can you see the tremendous benefit of such an offering? Isn't this enough to set your Heart on fire?... Could this be the beginning of a  revolution more powerfully rewarding than any of  those ever brought about by the practice of war?  Above all, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?... Ready to end all the lonely heartache and destruction, ready to rebuild Life anew?

Hey, that IS the vision this AGE OF TRUTH has brought to us... If you are willing to participate in ANY WAY, even as a consumer, then you are invited to attend a FORMATIVE MEETING of an organization called SOUL  PROGRESSION, whose intent is to offer to the public at large ALL THE GIFTS NECESSARY to augment PERSONAL  ASCENDANCY/AWAKENING through the creation of informal gathering places across the face of The Mother  Earth... If you are a gifted practitioner, reconceived  in Love, then you are DOUBLY invited to attend.


For further info, or to schedule an organizational meeting in your area, etc., please contact:

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