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And God said, "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of this earth, and every tree, 
in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; 
to you it shall be for meat".
Genesis 1:29
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What is dead food

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What is Live Raw Food!

It is food that is alive when you eat it.

Since you are what you eat, you can choose to eat live food to bring life into your body or eat dead food and gradually kill your body.

Live food cleanses your intestinal tract for old Dead food and Mucoid Plaque as well as supplying your body richly with Vitamins, Minerals, EFAs, Herbal powers and enzymes.

Live food will detoxify your body, energize and make you lose weight.  Your mood will improve, aggressions and depressions will subdue.  Your attitude towards life will be more joyful and uplifting.

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What is Dead Food!

Dead food is cooked food Microwaved food
Dairy Products, meats, fried food, deep-fry in 
Canola Oil, processed food, baked food, homogenized food, irradiated food, genetically manipulated food, Vitamins produced from Sewage Sludge, refined sugars, fast food, food containing pesticides, growth hormones, Carageenan, Soft Drinks, Nutrasweet, Asparthame, casein, coffee, smoking, alcohol . . . . the list goes on.

Dead food is made from animals killed in the most terrifying ways in a horror that goes beyond your wildest imagination. The trauma in that experience is deeply encoded in every cell of the meat you ingest and YOU adopt the emotions of that trauma.

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Why live food!

Live Raw food is living energy.  It contains living Enzymes, alive cells and spirit.  It rejuvenates you and brings life, joy and wisdom into your body and mind.

Live food are melons, fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouted grains, fresh clean water, Clustered Water, Spirulina, herbs, Shelled Hempseeds, peppers, garlic, sun made herb teas, flowers, honey and Super Tonic - and you can eat all you want.  It will adjust your body and reconstruct the original blueprint that you were born with.  If you now are over-weight you will loose weight, if you are too skinny you will gain weight.  Your body will gradually be restructured with healthy new cells.

Mother earth is providing live food for all life forms to consume.  Humans are the only species who cook and change the molecular structure of the live food in order to cash in on dead food, medicine that won't cure, drugs etc.

To cure illness we must go to the source of the problem which in most cases is what we eat. Most food today is really not food but, only an apparency that looks like, tastes like (we think) real food.

We have forgotten in the name of profit, what real live organic food tastes like or even looks like.  We have forgotten what real live food feels like after we eat it - the pleasure and delight invigorating every cell and molecule, building a powerful healthy state of body, mind and spirit - yes, live raw food is indeed what God intended for his children to eat.


Dr. Schulze's Natural
Healing Crusade

Live Food Diet Program

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Eat your self healthy
in Live Raw Food!
Come to a Live Food Workshop

Learn how Live Raw Food is an important factor in the betterment of your physical and mental health.

Get recipes for delicious Raw food meals.

Taste Raw food dishes out of this world.

Learn how to loose or gain weight eating all the Raw food you want.

Discover the emotions of foods and how they effect your daily life.

Be in harmony with you food and live a long and joyous life.


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