Skybirds USA Graphic Creations and Websites

Skybirds USA does just about anything you'll need to promote your business and family events. We are very creative, inventive and skilled and will we serve you on a reasonable budget. Our services are for the smallest clientele to larger operations.

Whether you need a simple Newspaper ad or a more complex presentation package, a Business Card, Flyer, Certificate, Mailing Card or you need a Wedding Invitation, Photos of your family, Book Illustrations or a Website, try us out.

We design pleasant Websites that are inviting for the beholder. They can be simple or quite complex, but they are always based upon the idea that one should enjoy it and wish to return to re-experience the event. Your Website should be easy to navigate through to find what one is looking for. Aesthetics are important since aesthetics are one of the basics of emotions. People never forget an emotional impact so they will return to your Website to get that feel again. An emotional impact will make people want to have what brings about the good feeling – your service or product. We do our utmost to produce the emotional impact that will bring people to you Website, again and again.

Promise 1
When you or your company needs an artistic, professional or untraditional Web page or upgrade, a Promotional Campaign, Business Card, Flyer or any Design, we will work closely together with you to assure you get exactly what you have in mind. 

Promise 2
Your purpose and goal for how and what you wish to present and achieve can be fulfilled through our closely knitted teamwork.  We will have talks and brainstorms together and present different solutions until you are completely happy with the product and agree that this is exactly what you want.

Promise 3
There are always costs involved, but our statements are based on agreements between you and us. There are no surprises. You will never be presented with a shocking bill, you will always know the cost in advance since it is based on your agreements with us.

Promise 4
We have the right to give you discounts.

Promise 5
You have the right to change your mind.

Promise 6
We are in business to make everybody win.

We look forward to do business with you.
Jay Silverbird
Skybirds USA

We also do: Custom Creations for Silk Cards TM, Business Cards, Project & Presentation Packs, Inventions, Flyers, Letterheads, Logos, Greeting Cards, T-shirts, Caps, Buttons, Bumper Stickers, Certificates,  Graphic Designs, Cartoons, Signs, Book Illustrations, Coats of Arms, Posters, Photo Albums, CD & Jewel Cases, Labels, Invitations, Exlibris, Door Signs, Store Facades, Newspaper Ads, PC Wallpaper, Photographs and much more

Skybirds USA can be reached at: eFax: 586-279-1578  or

Skybirds Denmark can be reached at: eFax: 586-279-1578  or

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