This Web-site is kept in memory of
Frank Swimmer-McLemore
who passed away in February 2005.
Frank was my dear friend through many years.

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"TAN" provides educational services on the heritage of American Indian people and Alaskan/Aleut Natives

Enter Basic Conversational Cherokee Language Course
Basic Conversational Cherokee Language Course
by Frank Swimmer-McLemore

Enter Alkali Band of Indians
Mini-Seminar on the Holistic Healing Process of the Alkali Band of Indians on Substance Abuse.
by Frank Swimmer-McLemore

The Tribal American Network (TAN) is a non-profit educational organization and has been in business since 1986. TAN will be conducting other types of seminars, workshops and classes to the general public in an effort to generate financial and human support for a special project during the rest of the year. By the end of year 2001, TAN hopes to have sufficient support to allow them to establish a community center to serve the growing American Indian population in the greater Houston area and Conroe where human services can be delivered and cultural exchange programs administered. Although the mini seminar is open to the general public at no cost, TAN will be accepting charitable contributions for the community center fund.

TAN is a professional member of the American Indian Science & Engineering Society,
American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Texas,
Native* American Journalists Association and Dallas Volunteer Center.
*(Descendants of the indigenous people of North America.)

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Frank Swimmer-McLemore
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